11 February 2011


yo (informal message to myself, the sole reader of this comatose blog),

everyone has a blog. i also have one. no biggie. i probably don't write on here very often because other people have blogs and they are more dedicated than i am. i promise very little. i commit to very little, i used to, i don't anymore. but i promise i'll keep the emo to a minimum.

promises i can make and keep. i really always love music, in general. i will always hate sub-genres, while also being a genre purist (i'm talking to you dubstep). i will write, map, produce, master, mix, effect, and post at least one original production in the year 2011. i can promise to never do a club DJ set with a laptop ever again. *house parties excluded because, well, house parties don't have stages and people spill shit. i can also promise that i'm a probably less weird than i pretend or think i am, but that doesn't stop me from being really awkward simply for the sake of self-amusement.

all in all, whatever. collini, out.