12 August 2010

what/who/how is slubot

Two computers. Two MIDI controllers. Two TT1625. One DM950. One mini-KP. or not.

Slubot:::> Sandstorm. Theme from Blade. Alive 2007. MSTRKRFT Essential Mix. Steve Aoki Essential Mix.
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HARD13 - 3/13/2009: Destructo, DIM, Shadow Dancer, Erol Alkan, Diplo, Boys Noize...

Thus was the original progression of the decay into the world of rave and electronica. There it was, a show where nearly every DJ there played Wake Up (for the fans) and Suspense Is Killing Me (for Boy 8-Bit's father?). Rave isn't some sole, destructive entity bent on drug binges and irresponsible water consumption. Rave is a movement, a place and culture of friendship. Proper behavior is regulated not by force or coercion but by mutual understanding and non-aggression. The music an expression of the hidden drives and unexpressed emotions of the newest generations.

Rave, like anarchy, is a peaceful chaos. Its members operate only within the confines of themselves, mutual respect and responsibility. Following HARD13, while among friends at an annual reincarnation of a Vietnam War protest in Madison, WI the name Slubot was first coined. At an event which should outwardly reflect both peace and political unrest, there was police state and the ever-present existence of American behavioral dichotomy. Streets filled with people, students. Going to class, going to work, reading textbooks. Going to bars, going to parties, fucking bodies. Slubot is a portmanteau of and reaction formation to the slut and the robot. The sexual automaton that is American youth that is losing control of itself and of its culture.

Slubot believes in anarchy (not 1960's American communes; but real anarchy, Rothbardian Anarchy, Anarcho-Capitalism) as the most desirable philosophy to be understood by human beings. Anarchy maintains all the aspects that exist in rave, though they seem at odds: peace and chaos, freedom and responsibility, self and non-self.

Chaos is simply the lack of an organized structure which allows true peace to exist. Freedom is the ability to act according to one's wishes, which can only occur in conditions of great responsibility. The self is what we can control, but that control must not aggressively interfere with others' selves: the non-self.

The music is an outlet for that. Keeping the beat ensures peace, but the crowd experiences chaos. Track selection is completely free, but is done so responsibly to maintain peace and chaos. Finally, the DJ is one entity and the crowd is another. Two selves cooperating and adjusting to tracks selected to create a turbulent tranquility.

Slubot is anarchy and anarchy is rave.